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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy is conducted by  our speech pathologist in a private, fully equipped treatment room. The speech therapist strives to restore normal speaking, chewing, and swallowing mechanics so the patient can continue to effectively perform these daily and very necessary functions. When necessary, patients unable to speak are trained to use alternative means of communication.

Speech Therapy

Quin Brumfied, MS, CF-SLP

Jana “Quin” Brumfield, MS, CF-SLP is our speech pathologist at Field Health System in Centreville, Mississippi. Quin obtained her Master’s degree from Nova Southeastern University. She is currently working toward her MBSImP training (Modified Barium Swallow Impairment Profile). She also hopes to receive certification in the future in LSVT Loud and VitalStim. Quin has experience working with children, and she enjoys working with a variety of patients and disorders. We are thrilled to have her at Field Health System, and we look forward to the incredible work she and her patients accomplish.