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Hospitalist Services

When you are admitted to Field Health System, you will be assigned to the Hospital-Care Physician currently on service.  The Hospital-Care Inpatient Service Team will manage all of your general medical care needs during your hospital stay, from admission through discharge. The Physician team member on service will typically rotate every 7 days.

Your primary care physicians will provide information about your past health history to the Hospital-Care Physician on service and they will discuss any significant findings or events.  It is possible that your primary care physician may be providing service coverage for the Hospital-Care Inpatient Service Model and working a 7-day rotation while you are hospitalized.  In that case, your primary care physician would also be your Hospital-Care Physician.

At the time of your admission and discharge, a member of the Hospital-Care team on service will provide your primary care physician important details about your hospital stay. We will set up an appointment for you to follow up with your primary care physician soon after discharge from the hospital.