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FMCH Catchings Clinic Credit Card Charges

We have been made aware that unknown outside parties are fraudulently using our clinic name, Centreville Clinic, to create charges on various consumer accounts.  We are told this involves individuals all over the world, none of whom are patients of Centreville Clinic.  These charges were NOT initiated by Centreville Clinic, and we have not processed any of these charges or received any payments related to them.  Because we were not involved in generating the charges and do not know who is or was involved in creating them, we are not able to provide any additional information about this apparent scam.  We have notified the Federal Trade Commission, the FBI, the Better Business Bureau, and the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office to make them aware of this situation.  If you see Centreville Clinic or any other charges you did not authorize on your credit card or other account, please contact your financial institution to dispute the charges.