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On the day of admission to Field Health System, please bring the following:

  • Insurance identification cards or policies
  • Employee statement claim form, if required by your group insurance coverage
  • Social Security Number
  • Medicare or Medicaid card
  • Current medications list
  • Information on next of kin or responsible parties including name, address, phone number, and relationship

Admission for inpatient, outpatient, or Swing Bed services is scheduled by your physician, who is a member of our medical staff. The information that we are required to obtain at this time enables us to serve you promptly and efficiently. We appreciate your cooperation and assure you that all information remains confidential.

Field Health System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, or handicap in admission or access to treatment in its programs or activities. Adult patients have the right to make their own medical decisions, including the right to refuse or accept medical treatment. Complete patient rights information is provided to you upon admission. If you have a Living Will or other advance directive, please provide us a copy within 48 hours after your admission. If you do not have a Living Will and would like more information, ask your nurse.

Pre-admission services are available, including pre-assessment and pre-registration. This helps to avoid a delay on the day you are scheduled to be admitted. Be sure to bring your insurance cards and insurance claim forms, so that hospital registration forms can be completed and necessary insurance information can be gathered. Laboratory tests, x-rays, and other assessments ordered by your physician will be performed. You will be given instructions to follow, including what time you should arrive at the hospital. For more information, contact Admissions Services.