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  • Richard Williams

Assistant Administrator for Finance/CFO

  • Victoria Anders

Administrator of Hospital Operated Clinics

  • Angela Jackson

Director of Nursing

  • Nicholas Bryant

Administrator of Ancillary Services

  • Janay Perkins

Board of Trustees

  • Ann P. Morris, President
  • Christine Anderson
  • Lee Dixon
  • Suzanne McCain
  • Marlin Reid

Medical Staff

  • Richard Field, III, M.D.
  • Robert Lewis, M.D.
  • David McGraw, M.D.
  • P. Kumar Selvaraj, M.D.
  • Jessica Willis, D.O.

Allied Health Professionals

  • Kathleen R. Huff, P.A.-C.
  • Jennifer Lanehart, C.F.N.P.
  • James Hawley, DNP, APRN, N.P.-C.
  • Kristen Womack, N.P.-C.
  • Amber Flowers, C-FNP
  • Jason Carr, FNP-C
  • Billy Pearson, FNP-C
  • Sue Sullivan, FNP-BC
  • Christopher Blackwell, FNP-BC
  • Jason Bass, N.P.